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    18+ years of tree removal experience.

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From an extensive knowledge of tree removal, to getting your unwanted snow out of your path, look no further!


Dan Elders provides not only experience, but also carries a true value of pride in his work, which in-turn show not only through the entire process of working on your project, but also in the end results.


Take a look around at some pictures and videos of Dan at work; people are consistently very impressed with his work, check out a few Angies list testimonials.


With 18+ years of tree removal experience, you can rest assured that Dan Elders and his expertly trained staff will provide tree service above and beyond the expectations you could expect.


The Angry Squirrel Tree & Snow Service.

For the fastest response text or call 719.650.4249.

Free estimates and 24 hour emergency service also available.

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The following are just a few of Dan’s “reviews you can trust” from Angies list.

“Dan responded to our call for an estimate quickly. After we agreed to his very reasonable charges, he performed the work the next day. He and his crew expertly removed five large pines from our front yard. The largest was very close to the house and another one was very technical to remove because it was leaning on 2 others and near our natural gas meter. They chipped all of the limbs and left the mulch at our request. All of the trunks were cut into easily handled pieces and stacked to be picked up. We did not have the stumps removed, but they cut them very close to the ground for us. Definitely impressed with Dan’s ability and his crew’s professionalism. We highly recommend The Angry Squirrel Tree Service and will hire them again if the need arises.”
“The owner really knows what he is doing, and is good at what he does. (And yes…he does climb trees!) It’s amazing the difference! All items looked great when completed. Branches were cleaned up and turned into mulch on our own tarp for us to add to our flower beds at a later time. A small garden rabbit ornament broke an ear in the process, but the owner was completely honest, brought it to my attention before I noticed it myself later, and even offered to repair it. Asfault left from a recently new roof was found plugging up the gutters, and it was removed with a trowel by one of his workers while the owner was away in the afternoon for a couple of hours. When the owner returned, he hitched up the mulcher, picked up his worker and left. I do wish that the owner had stopped in to say goodbye when he was done for a final walkthrough…and to show how well he had completed the job. (I was even ready with a tray of cookies for him and his crew…too bad!) This is the only reason I marked him down on professionalism. On the day he came to give me an estimate for the work, he was somewhat late and didn’t call right away to explain his absence. However, he did call about an hour later to say (through a very poor phone connection) that where he was working he was having trouble with reception on his phone. I was glad I hadn’t taken time off work, and instead, had been waiting for other estimates on that day, otherwise it may have been an inconvenience. On the date of service, he came promptly after finishing with another job…something which he’d told me about the day before. I was very happy that he came and did all of the work so quickly…and before the weather actually set in later in the day on Saturday. I was surprised that he would work on a Saturday, and it worked well with my work schedule this week…and the upcoming storm. When he left, I was able to move 1/2 of the mulch before it was dark and the snow started. Our front yard looks so much better! You can actually SEE the front of the house again! He also did a wonderful job on the backyard trees! And now, we will not have to worry about the gutters overflowing directly over the garage and possibly pulling off the side of the house due to the mountain of asfault left in them. My husband and I are very pleased with the job he and his crew have done.”
“Dan and his crew came out to do an estimate, and were able to stay and complete the work right then. They cleaned all the gutters, downspouts and drains. One of the drains was quite clogged. They spent extra time excavating the daylight drain, clearing the blockage and made sure all was working properly. We also had them trim some pine tree limbs for fire mitigation. They chipped the limbs on property.”
“Stick with Dan, he will do you a good job. He is sometimes a little slow in returning a call, but well worth the wait. He is honest and will do what he says. I had him come back to look at an area that did not have the view I was looking for. He arrived with his saw and chipper and did the extra cutting at no additional charge. You will like the job. What I really like he honest.Hope this helps you with your decision.”
Dan took down four trees for us, one of which had a deck built around it, two others were twisted and bent over with branches hitting our roof. He also cleaned our gutters for us, and trimmed up three other trees. Dan was thorough and communicated well what would be done, and he was able to work without us needing to be at home. The job took three days to accomplish, working 3-4 hours each day – but was not a hassle at all. He cleaned up the area throughout the process, never leaving a mess – and piled the logs nicely to the side, advising and asking questions along the way to make sure he was doing exactly what we wanted. He would communicate when he would be back (between 1 and 2, for example) and would show up when he said, give or take a few minutes. He was pleasant and professional throughout the process and certainly, the price is more than right. Especially to include a 30+ foot tree in the middle of a deck, that was taken to the ground without a mark on the deck. He’s got our business again!
“I am a local realtor and needed to have gutters and a roof cleared and removed of pine needles (in Jan) as part of an inspection item. I left a voice message for The Angry Squirrel and Dan got back to me right away, he went over to the property and visually inspected the roof (and got on it) and gutters for pine needle build up for the quote. He gave a quote and was able to do the job the quickly before another snow storm moved in. He knocked on the door before the inspection and work to let the owner know he was there. He cleared the gutters, roof and lightly trimed some trees that were touching the house at the roof level. They also cleaned up before leaving. The home owner was very happy and so was I. I did ask if he was insured if he should an accident while performing the work and he said he is insured.”
“Dan had the lowest of three estimates, was prompt with scheduling and did everything he said he would do. We were completely satisfied with his work and would hire him again.”

Areas Serviced

Woodmoor, CO
Pine Crest, CO
Glen Park, CO
Palmer Lake, CO
Gleneagle, CO
Spruce, CO
Greenland, CO
Larkspur, CO
La Foret, CO
Black Forest, CO

Woodland Park, CO
Pikeview, CO
Crystola, CO
Perry Park, CO
Green Mountain Falls, CO
Chipita Park, CO
Glen Eyrie, CO